French label April 77 is known for their beautifully-cut, slim-fit jeans. With a strongly linked identity to music and the rock'n'roll lifestyle, the jeans feature quirky touches like punk-inspired tartan jeans with special hidden plectrum-pockets. Leather-embellished zippers and yokes are also recurring design features of the brand.

For AW12-13 April 77 have taken a 90s-inspired route with rich colours and tartan prints.

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chanel Ava Adrien Déborah Nawell Assya eleonor Stéphanie Farra Guillaume Isabella Emilie Erick Antoine Fanny marie Sarah Heavenlee Julie alicia caroline marlène Morgane Alexandra Alcéa Victoria maryline Sandra linda Caroline Isaure dany Tiphaine Virginie Marie Dani robyn Laure caroline Anna céline Marie Kinga Capucine Mathilde Lise-Reine Margot Wendy Nasir Camille Cécile karl Raphael Amandine siem Laetitia Alexandra Emilie Jérémy Camille Chloe Lucie Mary Tugba SoPHiE tess Virginie Timothée maxime philippe Hannah soazig Sarah régine bertrand Nadeige loris  Bérangère laetitia Thérouane Aurélia Nikita Léa François Isabelle juliette Morgane Mathilde Mathilde Camille Chloé cathy Eléonore Marion Clotilde Leslie Valerie Léa marianne Charlotte Alix perrine Ellyn Barbara Anaïs Chloé B-Alice marie Aïnhoa Delphine francine Marie Samira aude Julie-Anne Dreyla florence djem Levana Frans-Alexandre lou charlene julie Vanessa Claire Suelen Jean-Baptiste Maéva pauline anthony Istore Jonathan sarah Léonore justine Léa Philippine Laurie Alexia Susan Kan Manon Jordane Clara stephane nathalie assiba magali hana Théo Clara-Caroline Delphine Margaux Camille Aurelie Lena Florence Gaëtan Paula Diagana

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