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    Chanel Necklaces

    The Chanel brand in the form of sumptuous necklaces.

    Chanel is the stuff of dreams and pure luxury, going back several generations. Indeed, by founding the label, Gabrielle Chanel, better known by the name of Coco, ensured she would leave her mark on fashion history. At the time, she succeeded in revolutionising the codes of fashion and overturning trends to create something new that could not fail to make an impression. Whether in terms of clothes, fragrances or jewellery, the search for novelty and modernity is still vitally important to the ethos of the French House. If we take Chanel necklaces, they are a perfect illustration of the look of pure luxury and refinement emanating from this leading brand.

    Refined necklaces perfectly in keeping with the brand's philosophy.

    The idea behind Chanel is very easy to understand, whether you are an expert in contemporary fashion or not. The style of the brand's creations lies somewhere between elegance and understatement. Coco Chanel's famous saying “Fashions come and go but style lasts forever” describes the situation perfectly. Necklaces from the collections of jewellery complete a ladies' outfit and bring a touch of something extra to make an impact for day as well as evening. They come adorned with pearls, rhinestones and/or chains. Their length can be anywhere from chokers to much longer necklaces. Whatever the case, you will often find the interlocked initials, a powerful symbol immediately identifying Chanel. They are easy to pair with suits by the same brand for a refined look or a pair of jeans for a more casual day-to-day style. Chanel necklaces are designed for the modern women of today, whatever their style happens to be.

    Vestiaire Collective offers women exceptional know-how at the click of a mouse.

    Owning a Chanel necklace is a sign of luxury but also represents a considerable investment which feels out of reach to most people. Thanks to the concept behind Vestiaire Collective and its website rich in jewellery and accessories, you can wear one of these necklaces embodying immeasurable know-how, and not break the bank. You only have to choose between a selection of styles present online to suit all tastes and selling at reasonable prices.

    There are different designs of jewels from ranges by Chanel, some of which have graced the necks of the most famous women in the world. The legendary products worth remembering are the following: