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    Chanel Sandals

    Sandals produced by the illustrious House of Chanel.

    It would be impossible to talk about Chanel without mentioning the brand's iconic founder. Coco Chanel's personal story is not an easy one because after losing her mother very young, she was then abandoned by her father. It was through learning how to sew that she regained her zest for life. In 1910, the brand known by everyone today was just starting out. From the beginning, the designer wanted to offer women comfort and freedom of movement at all times. In designing her clothes and accessories she kept in mind the thought of liberating women.

    A sandal with the brand's trademark style and comfort.

    Through its lines of sandals, Chanel wants to make footwear in which today's women can go about all the different aspects of their daily lives all day, every day. They can therefore run between that day's appointments but go on to attend the most formal of evening dos. Chanel sandals bear witness to the superior quality know-how of the House with their handpicked fabrics and meticulously crafted finishes. Some of these refined feminine pieces are flat and others have heels of differing heights. It all depends on the needs of the customer. Aesthetically-speaking, there is also a wide choice of models. There are numerous colours and finishes available. Across the board, we often see black, chains and the double Cs, all of which are the brand's sure-fire and instantly recognisable references.

    Vestiaire Collective, the platform where style and quality prevail.

    Since its creation 10 years ago, Vestiaire Collective has been seeking new ways of surprising its customers, of which the numbers are increasing with every passing day. Our heartfelt aim is to meet your expectations so that everyone finds what they are looking for in our online store. Sandals by Chanel are among the most highly sought-after pieces once the warm weather appears.

    Chanel has designed numerous legendary models of bags but also of shoes. Sandals are just one more example of the impact the brand has had on fashion, as are these other categories: